This site is dedicated to the memory of Andy Kaufman, a comedic genius who died way too fucking young.

Here are some of his best bits:
"I never told a joke in my life."          
-- Andy Kaufman
Jerry Lawler slaps Andy on Letterman -- In the early '80s, Andy wrestled women as part of his act and declared himself Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World.  Pro wrestler Jerry Lawler took offense at this mockery of his "sport" and challenged Andy.  They wrestled, and Andy got hurt.  This is the two of them on Letterman after that.  In 1995, Lawler admitted that the whole thing was a joke.

Andy's Adopted Children, Segment I and Segment II -- Andy introduces his newly adopted children on Letterman.

Homeless on Letterman -- The hidden joke here is that Andy says his wife took all his money and possessions, but in truth he never married.
Mighty Mouse -- Andy performs on the first epsiode of Saturday Night Live.

Are You Laughing with Me or at Me? -- Andy's Foreign Man character wonders why he's on SNL.

The Fridays Incident -- Andy breaks character during a live TV broadcast.  It was premeditated.  The producers and Melanie Chartoff were in on it.  Michael Richards says he was, but no one else will confirm that.

Foreign Man Impersonates Elvis -- This was Elvis' favorite Elvis impersonation.

Foreign Man on the Dating Game -- As an actual contestant.  No foolin'.