Welcome to Hot Mess Humor

My name is John L. Messina.  I'm a comedian. 

More precisely, I'm a conflict artist.  I like to mess with people in the worst way possible -- by making them think.

When people think, rather than just react, they're more likely to tell you the truth. 

You may say, "Bullshit!  Reactions are more honest!" 

To which I respond, "Bullshit on your bullshit." 

Yes, we occassionally lie on purpose, but mostly we lie by instinct.  I'm talking about the reflexive white lies we tell one another to avoid unnecessary confrontations about marginal issues.  "It's cool.  Don't worry about it."

How often do you lie like that, without thinking?  A lot more than you lie on purpose, unless you're a real fucking asshole 

Ergo res ipso factor loquitor, a thoughtful person is more likely to tell you the truth.  And that's what I'm after, because I think the truth is the funniest fucking thing in the universe.

And yes, that includes farts.  And black holes.

So with the help of my co-creator, the camera-shy Andrea Kaufman, I filmed people telling the truth, sometimes with their knowledge, sometimes without. 

This site is dedicated to the memory of Andrea's namesake,
Andy Kaufman, the most important comedian of our lifetime (apologies to Steve Martin, Bill Cosby and Tina Fey).

If you've never heard of him, please do yourself a favor and visit this page.  We've posted links to our favorite Andy Kaufman bits and offered a little background for each, because Andy always had hidden jokes in his routines that were for his regular fans.  It was a nice little thank you gift.  You got to be the coolest guy in the room, the one who got the joke that no one else even realized was a joke.

Even if you are one of those people who thinks you
hate Andy, go the page and give him another shot.  If you still hate him, you probably won't like our shit, either.
"Wow, you're pretty jaded."          
-- my high school librarian
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